Brick & Stone Pointing Specialists

With over 60 Years combined experience in high specification brick and stone renovation, Tameside Pointing are the number one choice for all your house repointing and brick / stone repair / replacement needs. We know how to get the job done right.

All repointing works undertaken come with a minimum 10 year guarantee, ensuring your properties brickwork is looking tight for a minimum of a decade.

One of our primary responsibillities as a pointing specialist is to ensure the right materials are going into the brick / stonework.

Different cements and additives are used depending on the masonry type, incorrect choice of a material often results in damage to the masonry which is irrepairable and requires replacement unit by unit. The joint filling compound should always be slightly softer than the masonry itself, this allows the pointing to act as sacrificial element of the wall construction where damage by impact or movement will result in damaged pointing as opposed to damaged brickwork, it also allows moisture trapped in brick / stonework to safely escape through the joints rather than sweat from the face of each unit. The danger in allowing moisture to sweat from the masonry is that it increases weathering damage drastically and more importantly the face of the stone / brickwork becomes susceptible to frost blowing where moisture trapped within the masonry freezes and expands, rupturing each unit.

Another important aspect in material choice is PH. The assumption that there are no reactive compounds / elements in the masonry or existing pointing / mortar beds could have a negative impact on the life expectancy of the repointing depending on the acidity / alkalae value of the masonry and the repointing material chosen. Lime is an excellent and in some cases essential additive. Used for its flexibillilty and strengthening properties it also helps to alter the PH of the mortar compound in order to suite to the masonry type, ensuring minimum reactivity and an extended lifespan in the pointing.

Material choice is just the beginning, from sheeting off the windows and doors to the removal of silt from drains at the final cleandown, we pride ourselves on our finished product and our pointing finish is second to none.

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